Friday, January 28, 2011

Carpet Cleaning Lacey - How to Remove Pet Stains

No matter how you look at it, stains and spots decrease the value of your carpet and your home.  While carpet can be a cozy aspect of a home, unsightly pet stains can completely ruin this feeling.  If the stain is unnoticeable, the smell is likely to get your – or your guests’ – attention.  To restore the comfort of your home, the stain AND the smell simply have to be removed.  The only way to accomplish this is by having the stain and/or the carpet professionally steam cleaned and extracted.  Rental equipment and ‘at-home’ carpet cleaners lack what is needed to completely remove both the stain AND the odor.

Pet urine is one of the worst contaminants you can have in your carpet.  From potentially awful odor and bacteria buildup to reduced air quality, pet stains can truly be a nuisance.  However, if action is taken in a timely manner, these stains and smells can usually be completely removed.  Speed is the solution in situations like this.  The carpet backing and pad are the two places where odors like to reside.  Most rental and ‘at-home’ machines simply cannot generate enough power to clean deep enough down to fully cleanse these sub-surface layers.  There are two options for cleaning these subsurface layers.  Either pay the price to have the carpet and/or pad completely replaced, or hire a technician from Grossbusters to use the patented Water Claw to fully flush and extract these layers without even having to remove the the layers!

The carpet is the least of your problem if the stain is in the padding as well.  In order to clean the problem area, even the most advanced and powerful steam cleaning will only provide a temporary solution.  The stain would appear to be removed and may actually never visibly return.  But, if the stain is still in the carpet backing and pad, the odor and/or spot will likely become noticeable again as the carpet dries and the water evaporates. 

Pad and/or carpet replacement is typically extremely expensive and is usually not necessary to get rid of pet urine stains and smells.  Avoid this costly route and opt for a Water Claw treatment from Grossbusters Carpet Cleaning.  This method includes the re-saturating of the problem area(s) with an enzyme/oxidizer to fully digest and neutralize the stain and odor.  Then, after 20-30 minutes of dwell time, we fully extract the chemicals AND the urine.  Next, we re-saturate the area again with pure water and extract it out to ensure that there are no stain or chemical remnants left in the carpet, carpet backing, or pad.  Pet stains are a severe problem and only the best of the best will be able to solve them.  Grossbusters’ technicians are fully trained and specialize in pet stain & odor removal.  Call today for a free estimate!

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